Messages from the past

The story of creation

Hello! I am the “face” behind the idea and creation of the Carte Postale tarot series.
Yes: series. While you might first find your way here via the very first Carte Postale tarot deck- there will be more decks
based on 100ish years old cartes postales, photo postcards, cartes visites, art postcards and all that implies.
Stay tuned on the creation processes and news either via Instagram & Youtube
or have an early access to new decks and opportunity to participate in the creation process via Patreon.
(all the links to those sites/pages you can find at the very top and also the very bottom of the website here).

So briefly about how the deck became to life.
I was collecting all sorts of vintage items for years, although I lost majority in the house fire in 2011,
leaving me only with some of the scanned images of postcards and photos on the CDs.
Since then I kind of gave up collecting other physical vintage items, only the ephemera:
mainly interesting documents, postcards, letters, books, magazines and that kind of pre- WWII stuff from local area.
Without exceptions all the cartes postales and photo postcards from the era I focused the tarot deck on, are in public domain.
Majority are originally in black and white, so I edited them to be in color+ added or removed details to fit the Waite-Smith system the first deck is following.
To see how the original postcards look like in comparison to the Carte Postale tarot imagery- is possible in very detailed overview in Pateron.
Many of the cards have beautiful or interesting messages on the back of them, we will look into those as well.ย 
The idea of this deck started with me changing the laptop in 2019 and looking through my files, discovering I have collected about 32 000 postcards
and how many of them are actually usable within the format of a tarot deck.
Plus I really love the sweet purity of the late 1800’s early 1900’s messages, communication style and humor.
Also how hardships and life of the different classes that were so actual around that time were visualized on the post cards.
The wonderful historical medium that conveys the vibes of the times so well.
97% of the postcards are from Europe (mainly from: Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Russia, France, Holland..
so the searchers of the ethnic diversity: there is little to none of postcards available of the type and the majority of the ones that are- are definitely not flattering
and I am not using such imagery for sure.).
Admittedly there are some few beautiful ones as well that I am lucky to have- I’m holding those for one of the upcoming decks ๐Ÿ™‚ .ย 
That is about it.
In a nutshell the formula of the creation is:
Love and interest in history + love of tarot cards + love of the pictorial representatives like postcards of the era + a little added touches of creation= Carte Postale tarot decks.

So, about little old me: my name’s Jane. I have been reading cards since 1993 and professionally reading tarot since about 2003
andย  teaching tarot and related things since 2016. Some of you may know or remember me from my old youtube channel: My Life and Tarot
I am a mix of Slav and Nordic. Born and raised in Estonia,
mother tongue: Estonian but I also do speak and understand: Finnish, Russian, English and am currently learning Spanish.

I’m a pagan nature dweller. Pretty simple introvert-ish person. Well, technically I am probably ambivert,
because I can and want to be social but my social battery runs out really fast, all things get overwhelming and then I just disappear and… re-appear whenever.
When I have a creative streak, I completely live under the rock, in a very nocturnal own time and space zone.
My time is filled with creating things, researching and discovering history related everything and watching/listening true crime, psychology and
different documentaries- all my favorite things to do, so when I’m procrastinating, I’m still learning ๐Ÿ˜€
We haven’t had a TV in our household since 2012 and it is a gift of time, that keeps giving..
Yet still most of the time I do feel like there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week.
I also love spending time outside in nature, cities and museums are not for me- I prefer to go feel around in some old castle ruins
or discover ancient sacred places of our ancestors or just climb on some glacial boulder instead or watch stars in the night sky or take long walks.
Always returning back home with a rock or a twig or a bone or something else I found and absolutely must have ๐Ÿ˜€ย 

So, that is pretty much all I can say about myself.
Thank you for stopping by and taking the time!