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Fraud awareness

Fraudulent Use of the Carte Postale tarot Brand


Attempts have been made to defraud social media (mainly Instagram) users by the unauthorized use of the Carte Postale tarot name and brand via direct messaging communications and graphics which appear, on the surface, to have originated from Carte Postale tarot.

In most cases the communications concern the offers for readings or to announce the giveaway winners where payment may be requested for the reading or other “cleansing” or “curse removal” services and also for anything concerning the shipping costs to receive giveaway prizes.

Please be advised that Carte Postale tarot does not offer readings nor request payments in this manner.
Carte Postale tarot only offers tarot decks and other physical or digital items for sale via the page here and all our Instagram, Youtube or Patreon giveaway winners are announced ONLY through the public Instagram posts and stories, Youtube videos, Patreon posts and concurrently also on the official homepage here.
All and every giveaway we are organizing will be free shipping anywhere on Earth (Disclaimer: except the countries we are not sending to in general, see the TOS).
Any  requests for payments due for related shipping expenses will be sent to you in form of an official invoice via PayPal or previously agreed upon e-mail address of yours.
Never ever will any offers appear in your social media inbox that solicit you to get a reading or other services, to give out your personal or banking information or to send money.

This security notice does not affect the obligation of a customer to pay shipping, customs, VAT or similar charges, where these are properly payable at the time of delivery of the Carte Postale tarot decks or other goods purchased via page here or upon the process of receiving the prizes for the giveaways.

Carte Postale tarot accepts no responsibility for any costs, charges or payments made which were improperly incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.

Please stay safe on the social media and check all avenues before giving out your hard earned money.

The one and only Instagram account we have is: THIS
There are no blanks, dots, numbers, dashes etc in the name: @cartepostaletarot

I’ve gotten many messages asking: “is this you?” When the fraudulent copied accounts follow and later DM people with a message similar to this: “I take up a lot of energy from your picture(s), I’d love to give you a reading to give you some clarity…”

The scammers copy all the text and images and posts  of the original account and start following the followers of said original account, they choose the name tag that is very similar to the original. Please be vigilant, it happens to many accounts lately and can not be fought, they block the original accounts and reporting them does not do anything. They keep creating similar looking names and just keep going.
I registered as many of the similar looking names as possible, myself- all of them have no profile image and the bio says: “Making all variations I can of the name so to avoid the clone accounts that scam. Real account: @cartepostaletarot”
You will never receive any messages from these blank accounts! These will stay idle.
Please don’t report the blank accounts of mine, if you find them, I need them to be there so the scammers have less close looking name options to register in the future.
Thank you so much!